A Tribute…

Growing up in a very small town in East Central Georgia, everyone knows everyone. I want this whole blog to be a tribute to a special lady I had the pleasure of knowing.

Tinye Jo Harding was one of the best women I ever knew. She was a beautiful, godly woman whose strength was immeasurable. She first made an impact on my life when I joined the local Baptist church. She was very active in that church and I began to get to know her.

Mama Tinye began to post pictures of her meals using #singlegirlsupper a few years ago. I remember thinking how cute the hashtag was so I began to use it, too. Very shortly thereafter, I remember hearing that Mama Tinye had been diagnosed with cancer and her prognosis wasn’t good. She never let it get her down. Every picture she ever posted was positive and hopeful.

I remember sitting in my office when I got a text that I hoped to never receive. Mama Tinye had lost her battle. I had just bought her a card to encourage her and let her know that, even though I wasn’t physically close, she was never far from my thoughts. I lost it. I just couldn’t believe it. She was such a bright light.

When I went home for the funeral, the entire town showed up. She touched so many lives. That’s when I began using the hashtag even more. I think of her every time I type those three words.

I was recently told that she was planning on starting a blog using #singlegirlsupper as her platform. Since she never got the opportunity I would like to give it a shot.

Mama Tinye, this is for you. Know that your light lives on. Love you!


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